Basic Obstetric Ultrasound Exam - Six-Step Approach

This POCUS training module teaches a six-step approach for assessing pregnancy at the point of care. In six-steps, learn how to use ultrasound to identify conditions in the second and third trimester of pregnancy that have immediate patient care implications and/or that require planning for subsequent perinatal care and delivery in a facility that is equipped and staffed to deal with obstetric complications. The basic principles for assessing fetal presentation and lie, fetal cardiac activity, presence of multiple pregnancy, placental location within the uterus, amniotic fluid volume, and fetal biometry are discussed in detail. Designed for point-of-care healthcare professionals that care for pregnant patients. This module is also of particular relevance for maternal health workers practicing in resource-constrained environments.
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How it Works

Each SonoSim module contains:

  • A Didactic, Cloud-Based, Multimedia Course
  • Real-Time Knowledge Checks & a Mastery Test
  • A Series of Hands-On, Real Patient Scanning Cases Accessed with the SonoSimulator® Ultrasound Probe

The SonoSimulator Ultrasound Probe is a one-time purchase and is your access key to the SonoSim modules you license annually. License to each module is purchased in the first year, and maintained with an annual membership fee. Keep scanning and maintain all your member benefits, including annual access to all your modules, with your low annual membership fee of $295 (complimentary in your first year).

Course Highlights

SonoSim cloud-based, multimedia, didactic courses are created by leading ultrasound experts, and are internet accessible immediately after purchase, on any device. There are knowledge checks with real-time feedback throughout each course, as well as a Mastery Test that is automatically graded.

The course in this module covers topics including:

  • Fetal Lie & Presentation
  • Detection of Fetal Cardiac Activity
  • Identification of the Number of Fetuses in the Uterus
  • Location & Position of the Placenta
  • Estimating the Amniotic Fluid Volume
  • Fetal Biometric Measurements
  • Pregnancy Imaging Tips & Pitfalls
  • Practical Application of the Six-Step OB Exam Case Study

SonoSimulator Scanning Cases

The SonoSimulator® helps develop and maintain the critical visuomotor and visuospatial skills that are central to image acquisition and interpretation with real patient imagery, expert tutorials on-demand, and real-time feedback on success.

The 10 real patient scanning cases in this module include and cover:

  • Patient Types: 10 Adult Female
  • Relevant Findings/Pathology: Cephalic Presentation, Breech Presentation, Detection of Fetal Cardiac Activity, Anterior Placenta Location, Posterior Placenta Location, Fundal Placenta Location, Identification of Single & Multiple Fetuses, Estimation of Amniotic Fluid Volume, Fetal Biometric Measurements, Complete Six-Step Protocol
  • Doppler & Imaging Modes: M-Mode
  • Scanning Approaches: Suprapubic, Lower Abdomen, Lower Mid-Abdomen, Mid-Abdomen, Upper Mid-Abdomen, RUQ, RLQ, LUQ, LLQ
  • Transducer Types: Curvilinear
  • Special Case Features: OB Calipers, Anatomic Layer Removal