Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound Training Package

The peripheral vascular ultrasound training package is designed for acute care practitioners wanting to know more about evaluating the peripheral vascular system with ultrasound. Five (5) ultrasound training modules covering arterial and venous anatomy of the arms and legs as well as the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the clinical setting are included. Choose a SonoSim ultrasound training package and save.
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How it Works

Each SonoSim module contains:

  • A Didactic, Cloud-Based, Multimedia Course
  • Real-Time Knowledge Checks & a Mastery Test
  • A Series of Hands-On, Real Patient Scanning Cases Accessed with the SonoSimulator® Ultrasound Probe

The SonoSimulator Ultrasound Probe is a one-time purchase and is your access key to the SonoSim modules you license annually. License to each module is purchased in the first year, and maintained with an annual membership fee. Keep scanning and maintain all your member benefits, including annual access to all your modules, with your low annual membership fee of $295 (complimentary in your first year).